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In compliance with the directive issued by the Data Protection Authority on 8 May 2014, we are providing herewith the Cookies Policy about the Cookies used on this website

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are simple text files, which the websites visited by users send to their own servers, where they are stored to be sent back to said websites on each subsequent visit. Cookies may be used for a variety of purposes, they have different features and can be used by both the website manager and third parties. You may wish to read through the paragraphs below for comprehensive information on the cookies used on this website and details on how to manage preferences selected by users.

2. Data Controller and Cookies used by this website

Terms of use of cookies by DAIMP GESTIONI SRL, Data Controller of this website, with registered office at Via Vettorazzi 2, 38056 Levico Terme (TN) are set out in the Controller’s Personal Data Policy.
The Data Controller only uses technical cookies to bring you the best possible browsing experience and to compile anonymous statistics, and will not disclose personally identifiable information. You can learn about the provisions set out in Art. 13 of the Data Protection Act by clicking here.
The present document provides links to third parties’ websites. Please note, the Controller does not have any control over third parties’ websites: access and navigation on such websites are only managed by third parties themselves. You may refer to the third parties for further information.

2.1 Technical Cookies on this website that do not need user’s consent:

  • Technical Cookies are only intended to improve the website, deliver better services and make your browsing experience more user-friendly. If you do not give your consent to the placing of said cookies, you may not be allowed to perform a number of operations (i.e., registration to dedicated areas and language selection), or it may be more difficult and/or less safe for you to perform them (i.e., enable users to log in and allow the website to recall users’ login details within the same session, or make interactions with websites faster and easier). For all enquiries and further information please contact the Data Controller on the contact details in the general Personal Data Policy click here.
  • Third Party Analytical Cookies are used by the website manager to collect information in aggregate and anonymous format. Google Analytics Cookies are used to compile anonymous statistics (IP anonymization). The system is designed not to disclose personal information to third parties, thus allowing the website manager to only gather anonymous information about users, so no personally identifiable information is collected or used in the process. We want to be completely transparent about the cookies we use: to learn about third party’s privacy policies and to disable analytical cookies as mentioned above please refer to: Google Analytics (third party session analytical Cookie (Google)) Privacy Policy – Cookie Policy – Disable.

All technical cookies do not need user’s consent and are therefore automatically set when users first visit the site.

2.2 Cookies that need user’s consent: this website does not use first party or third party cookies intended to generate user profiles

This website, as defined in the paragraphs above, only uses technical cookies and analytical cookies in anonymous form and does not disclose any information to third parties. This site does not use, including, but not limited to, any third party cookies to generate user profiles, advertising cookies and retargeting cookies.

3. You may manage your preferences about cookies by using your browser

If you are not familiar with the type and version of browser you are using, please click the “Help” button in the top window for more information. If you are already familiar with your browser you can access the cookie management section by clicking one of the following links:

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For any queries related to the use of cookies please do not hesitate to contact us.

Latest update: 10/08/2017